Since 2002, I have had experience as a freelance illustrator, flash animator, caricaturist, cartoonist, concept artist, storyboarder and designer.
I have had all kinds of clients: advertising, tv, marketing, magazines, cosmetics, editorial, newspapers, theater, International conventions. I’ve worked life on TV, drawing on camera, given conferences about my work, been interviewed on newspapers, radio and TV... 

I've developed works for Disney Europe, ESPN, TESCO, IBM, Sony, International Barcelona Comicon, Nickelodeon (Dora the Explorer), BBC (Gory Games), FOCUS, Unilever, Magic Box Int., Ray Villafane Studios, Minoria Absoluta, Santillana Editorial (School Books), etc... 

I am very creative at coming up with humorous concepts and I always love to use humor as a communication vehicle. I am also a responsible worker, willing to contribute with my skills to any company, with a wide variety of art styles and longtime experience in illustration, cartooning, or even 2D Flash keyframe animation. 

I've published weekly caricatures on Diari ARA (Catalan newspaper, 11 years) and worked in the most popular humor magazine in Spain: El Jueves (3 years).
At the moment, I'm also polishing my skills in organic 3D Modeling and 3D printing, developing my own line of toy figures.



FIVERR MARKETPLACE - Jobs for small clients involving cartoons and caricatures.
DEVIR (Tabletop game company)- Illustrations for the company website (Types of players, types of gameplays, etc...)
DIARI ARA (NEWSPAPER) - 11th and final season of weekly caricatures in the back cover, every Saturday.
EL JUEVES MAGAZINE- Monthly caricature in the most famous satire magazine in Spain.
AMERICAN FOREIGN ACADEMIC RESEARCH- Mayan archaeology related "Tales from the field" book illustrations and cover.
TELEVISIÓ DE CATALUNYA- Political/satirical cartoon (30s) twice a month, broadcasted on "Els Matins" ("The Mornings" TV show).
THE GRAND OL' CHRISTMAS SHOW - Theater poster with a cartoon composition of all the characters /actors / singers in the show for the The Grand Ol' Show Company (Texas).


FIVERR MARKETPLACE - Many jobs for small clients involving cartoons and caricatures.
DEVIR (Tabletop game company)- Illustrations for a card game and box art.
DIARI ARA (NEWSPAPER) - 10th season of weekly caricatures in the back cover, every Saturday.
EL JUEVES MAGAZINE- Monthly caricature in the most famous satire magazine in Spain.
MARATHON The Movie- Movie poster (Which was later dismissed by distributors). Available on Amazon Prime, Youtube, VUDU and GPlay.


CUBEIA - Painted caricature avatars for a poker game.
THE STRAND (UK) - Animations for Disney Channel Europe.
DIARI ARA (NEWSPAPER) - 9th season of weekly caricatures in the back cover, every Saturday.
EL JUEVES MAGAZINE- Monthly caricature in the most famous satire magazine in Spain.
TV3 (Catalan Television) - Caricature drawing session in the live TV show "Tot es mou".
FIVERR MARKETPLACE - Several jobs for small clients involving cartoons and caricatures.
CONSELL 81- Participation in the first Art toy exhibition in Barcelona with my toys "Frankenhipster" and "Mr.Spookinson".


DISNEY - THE STRAND (UK) - 2d Animations for TV ads for the show 101 Dalmatian Street.
EL JUEVES (MAGAZINE) - Monthly caricature for the interview section. The most popular humor magazine in Spain.
DIARI ARA (NEWSPAPER) - 9th season of weekly caricatures in the back cover, every Saturday.
HILTON HOTELS (BARCELONA) - Live caricature for private parties.
ELS ENCANTS (BARCELONA) - Illustrations for 2019 calendar of this classic traditional market in Barcelona. I also did the 2018's.
TIBIDABO(AMUSEMENT PARK, BARCELONA) - Illustrations for the brand new attraction in the classic amusement park of Barcelona city.
INTRACON - Live caricature for private parties.


F1 - THE STRAND (UK) - Caricature illustrations for wall art - Live caricature illustration for celebrities and for background wall at the winners' celebration of the F1 World Championship SpanishGP in Montmeló + Art direction and Production Managing of all the event. The live drawing of the winner between me and my partner was streamed worldwide.
THE STRAND (UK) - Animated doodles for all the shows included in Disney Channel, in the whole rebrand for Disney Europe.
CUBEIA (Sweden) - Dozens of caricature and animal avatars for poker videogames.
RAY VILLAFANE STUDIOS - Photo manipulation of a truck concept art for live shows.
FICOMIC / International Barcelona Comicon - Backdrop and prop illustrations for Lucky Luke exhibition (real size buildings, characters, street props), giant backdrop illustration of a MIG15 for the classic airplane and war comic exhibition, several backdrop illustration for other exhibitions and live drawing of conferences and events held in the Comicon that were streamed on twitter and Facebook.  I also did the 3d printing and art toy conference ("From the sketch to the toy figure") every morning in the Comicon.


The Strand (UK) - Animated doodles for all the shows included in Disney Channel, in the whole rebrand for Disney Europe.
PRYSM (USA) - Live caricature gig and on-screen finger drawing for product demonstration in the Gartner ITExpo.
CUBEIA (Sweden) - Poker videogame avatars (lots of them!).
INTERNATIONAL BARCELONA COMICON - Pencil portraits for the Awards and tribute ceremony.
TIASANTA Barcelona - Brand design as well as stationary and support material design (menus, posters, cards, labeling, etc...)
Diari ARA - Weekly newspaper caricature of politicians, celebrities, sportsmen, writers, actors, etc...
NUPA (Nutrexpa) - Concept art for promotional actions (Items illustrations, presentation designs, etc...)
MAGIC BOX INT. - 12 Toy figure design (final model) for 3d sculpting of the final product, as well as several concept art for other collections.
BLEACHER REPORT - Caricature avatar illustrations of NBA celebrities.
HILTON HOTELS - Live caricature gig for one of their parties.
SOCIAL POINT -  Live caricature gig for a "bring-your-family-to-your-workplace" party.
UNILEVER - Live concept drawing for marketing sessions.


EDICIONS 62 - "A la cara", a book depicting the last 5 years of caricature paintings and letters in Diari ARA (newspaper) with popular journalist and tv-host Albert Om.
PRYSM (USA) - Live caricature gig and on-screen finger drawing for product demonstration in the Gartner ITExpo.
PRODUCTORA 14 - Videoscribbling for presentation.
ART INFOGRÀFIC - Several animations and videoscribbling for multimedia.
SYNCSCREEN (UK) - Gory Games illustration assets for a mobile game app.
ZENTRONIC (Austria) - Egyptian avatars and Roman backgrounds and icons for slot machine videogame.
CUBEIA (Sweden) - Poker videogame avatars (lots of them!).
DAC SALUT - Flyer design + shop window vinyl design.
MEDIAZINES - NEVERMIND MAGAZINE - Monthly cover artist with music celebrity caricature.
INTERNATIONAL BARCELONA COMICON - Pencil portraits for the Awards and tribute ceremony.


NUTREXPA - PHOSKITOS - Toy figure collection design "HuevoX Invasores" (6 pieces) + box art
KISSIFY STICKER APP - 50 photorealistic stickers for this mobile app.
BOXFRAME UK - Fifa storyboards.
H10 HOTELS - Caricature gig in the Open Terraces Barcelona Summer Sessions.
RDC PUBLICITAT - Caricature illustration for client.
INTERNATIONAL BARCELONA COMICON - Pencil portraits for the Awards and tribute ceremony.
ARA NEWSPAPER - Weekly caricatures going with the article, all Saturdays (Season 4).
NEVERMIND - Rock and Roll digital magazine for tablets and mobile. Monthly caricature of a music celebrity for the cover. To be released in December 2014.
ART INFOGRÀFIC - Animation of 8 interactive webisodes following given scripts, with 2 different endings each one.
SYNCSCREEN - Animations and graphic art for the Gory Games Series mobile app/game.


EXPOSÉ 11 - My caricature "Wayne and Douglas" got featured in this world-famous digital art compendium in its 11th issue.
FANGZ The Game - Development and creation of all the graphics, including all the characters, weapons, enemies, backgrounds, etc. 2D cartoon animation of all needed elements and also UI design as well as some script contribution.
The Art Of Alex Gallego - The first book ever to be published about my caricature works by MAD Artist Publishing.
Turbo Cat - Promo poster in collaboration with the famous artist Rodney Pike.
Disney XD - Animations and concept art for several bumpers and tv spots for the new Disney series "Planet X".


El Jueves - Humour magazine, Spain - Cover for the magazine (December).
Boxframe – UK – Disney JUNIOR – Ads and Bumpers storyboards
Boxframe – UK – Disney – Storyboards, concept art and character animation for "Where's My Water" mobile game tv ad.
Art Infogràfic - Nature paintings, multiple Logo Designs and Interface Designs for an interactive application for the brand new "Serra de Tramuntana" Museum in Les Balears, Spain. A huge cartoon flash background environment wit interactive animated animals and special fx was created for a big wall-mounted multiple-touch screen.
ARA Newspaper - Political and satirical cartoons, as well as caricatures done weekly for the humourous special that came with the newspaper on Sundays, until it got canceled.


Boxframe – UK – Disney JUNIOR – Ads and Bumpers storyboards for Winnie The Pooh, Disney Princesses, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, etc... Working with this from February to July.
QUEEN - Cartoon animated versions of Freddy Mercury and the other Queen members for the 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD of Wembley Concert.
FOCUS – Important Theater plays, Concerts and Events Producing Company in Spain.
       · 25 Anniversary commemorative humorous poster.
       · Theater play poster for "Ghostlight" with die-hard photo retouching and image manipulation.
WAKAN HORSES – Logo development and website design.


Diario ARA - Weekly celebrity caricature in Albert Om's (popular tv host and journalist) section, every Saturday.
Boxframe - UK - CITROËN DS3 - Ad Storyboards for men and women spots.
Boxframe - UK - Disney Channel - Disneyland Ad - Storyboards with new characters.
Boxframe - UK - Disney Cinemagic - Ad - Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue bumper storyboards.
Boxframe - UK - ESPN Channel - Cricket illustrations for a tv ad.
Boxframe - UK - Devitt - Christmas card elements to be animated.
RBA - Campamento Greg para Pringaos (Wimpy kid license). Interface design and animations for the online game.
Arvipotecnic S.L. - Corporate image branding and webdesign.
A Contraluz Films - Cover design and character cards design for documentary promotion "The Sark Case" (including a board game, logo, 12 character cards and 6 item cards, in Cluedo style).
Ninja Pigs - Portugal - Brand Identity development + other work in progress. (Videogame company).
DAC Salut - Badalona - Brand Identity development. (Physiotherapy Center)
OnFlats - Barcelona - Brand Identity development. (Furniture company)


Art Infogràfic Barcelona - Barcelona Activa - Animations for the interactive software (10 animations, 3 different endings each one + background designs ).
BroadView - UK - SONY BRAVIA ads for youtube viral campaign - 2 animations 40 secs.
Boxframe - UK - ESPN Channel, Caricatures of famous Sportsmen for a TV ad.
Rumbatarumba - Brand Identity and CD cover for the album.
Yoink3d - USA - Brand identity development.


FICHADOS, Antena3 tv channel. Creation of several animated cartoon episodes 1-2 minutes long. 
Monty Python's SPAMALOT Barcelona - The Musical - Scene backdrop 15x7'5 m., Casino roulette 3x3 m., castle's ground pieces, god's hands and feet, casino's roulette tables and nordic forest background design and final illustrations.
International Comic Convention of Barcelona – Exhibitions graphic designer for the 25th, 26th and 27th edition and the XI, XII and XIII Manga Fair editions. Designer of the brand new website in two occasions: http://www.ficomic.com
Mercury Productions - Several cartoon animations for the TV documentary "A Trip to MARS", "Catalonia History" and for the TV PILOT "Good News", as well as several storyboards and concept sketches.
Santillana Editorial – Complete illustrations for a college book. 10 Lessons, 100 illustrations approx.
Train & Railways Museum of Vilanova (Catalonia, Spain) – Illustrator and cover designer for the first and second issues of a train-related children book collection. http://www.x-lives.com
AVUI, newspaper - Flash design, programming and testing of 14 on-line videogames. Cover illustrations of Sunday magazine in 17 occasions as well as other illustrations for special issues. Complete cover design of the Sherlock Holmes collection of books (12 books). 41 Daily comic strips published on summer 2003.
El Jueves, Humor magazine - 7 months doing flash works for the web as well as HTML and animations.
SILVERLINE - Ubisoft Rayman Rabbids figure collection. Design and final art of more than 30 figure toys. Shinchan 12 figures collection for promotional purposes. Several kinds of figure collections for promotional purposes, without licensing. 
ClickWheel's COMICBRUSH - Comic cliparts including characters in several positions, celebrity caricatures, dinosaurs, Christmas, Halloween and St. Valentine's packages. 
SEMANA NEGRA - (Black week, Gijon, Spain). 6 pages comic for the Weimar book. Logo and corporate design for several small companies such as World Languages School, Avenir Laundry Services, Hingant Language and Translation Services.
Boxframe - UK (Formerly  Transdigital) – Full development of the Cheeseman Animated Show (10 Episodes of 40 seconds) for mobile phones distribution. Actually on distribution on UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, India, China, New Zealand and Australia. Cheeseman is a character of my own creation. HTML programming of a new section of The FA.com official website. Logo designs for ESPN American Export, TV spot animations for ESPN Classic, TV Spot Animations for British Telecom, Storyboards for Disney Channel Christmas Campaign 2007.  
Selvert Cosmetic Products - Promotional/scientific illustration for a skin product.  
International Comic Convention of Barcelona – Official designer of all the posters, banners, stationery, visitor guides and much more graphic material in the 25th Aniversary Edition 2007. Designer of the brand new website: 
Silverline, Promotional Company - Several designs of merchandising or cards collection of Justice League and Batman Begins (unpublished). Several illustrations for PHOSKITOS Magical Tricks. Several illustrations for licensing of brands such as ShinChan, Flintstones, DC Comics, Marvel.
Televisió de Catalunya S.A. thru the La Productora S.A. productions - Caricature of more than 40 famous politicians, soccer players, actors, etc... for the animation of the weekly episodes showed in the tv-show “Alguna Pregunta Més?” (“Any other questions?”). Full color animation of the 1-3 minutes long weekly episodes in 2 seasons with a regular share rate of 27% the first season, and with an absolute record of a 33% share(999.000 viewers). 


Instituto Ramon Llull – Design and creation of the official mascot of the official institution as well as 3 videogames starring this character. Full development of 3 videogames for the 2004’s FORUM of the cultures of Barcelona.
International Barcelona Book Fair – Design of the official brand and the graphic development in the first edition.  
CCRTV Interactiva, Corporació Catalana de Ràdio i Televisió – Creation, design, animation of the user interface, characters, scenarios, etc for the PROMAX Award winner ESPAI 8 on-line videogame in the category of Best Videogame of the Year. Creation and animation of several tv spots for the AMENA mobile phone company. Full development of flash videogames for the TV channel website. In 2006, designer, illustrator and animator for a videogame called “Hip Hop Duel” with Ali G.
X-Lives - Website design/animation/programming. 


Slogan, Agency - Illustration and design for a SEAT event (Spanish car company).  
Anexa, Theater company - Concept illustrations for a big car company’s new automobile presentation (3 occasions). Theater play poster. 
Barreda Studio - Different works as an illustrator.
Premiums & Marketing S.L. - 7 years as a designer and illustrator.